Coronation Street

Originally an old 70s style house, with its flat roof and large bulkhead around the perimeter. Now modernized with a new timber truss roof with custom-made fascia gutter.

This job had its challenges from saving the existing ceiling inside to save on cost.

The tight access and hard to reach spot, craning down old tin and metal trusses, to lifting new trusses and tin up.

Sussex Street

A Carpenter’s dream a stunning new build, reverse brick veneer Colonial style house. Full of beautiful design features from verandas and back patio, timber awnings over most windows to feature gables.

Reverse brick veneer construction is a preferred form of construction as the thermal mass is inside the building not outside. In traditional brick veneer, the bricks are on the outside and they contribute very little to heating and cooling efficiency. When the bricks are on the inside combined with insulation, the heat and cold from the outdoors is not transmitted into the home as the bricks are protected from the external weather conditions. This gives you the huge advantage of interior temperatures remaining much more stable. The occupants of the home are also much more comfortable.

In winter, the bricks on the inside of the home can store the heat that is coming into the room (either from windows, or from heaters) and radiate it back into the room when it is needed. The insulation behind the bricks stops the precious heat from escaping. In summer, keeping the windows and doors closed means that heat doesn’t enter the home as easily, and the thermal mass acts to cool the interior. At night, you simply open the windows to allow the cooler air to dissipate any heat in the brickwork.

Pizza Oven

Not exactly carpentry but was a fun project management job, from formwork/concretes, brickies/plasters, plumbers and electricians, painters/tilers and landscapers.

Turn this wasted corner of the garden into a stunning entertaining area, full custom polished concrete bench top. Big wood fire pizza oven, stainless steel kitchen sink. Plenty of storage and under bench fridges. Maintains free artificial grass.

Winmarley Street

This stunning transformation, by adding this modern second story at the front, and adding single story out the back to mirror the front. This was challenging timber frame job with lots of engineering challenges from counter leaning roofs to walls made up mostly of windows, from floating book reading nook up stairs.

The AC ply eve ling just gives it that beautiful finish, feature Polycarp tunnel leading to the front door allowing light to travel through the house.

Whiley Street

This is an architectural modern style new build with the second storey made of a timber frame, with new port external cladding and blue board with Acra text.  AC Premium Ply to eaves to give it the wow factor finished.

This job had its challenges with an extremely tight site stretching from boundary to boundary and 6m high raking timber frame walls.

Mountjoy Road

Small additional on to the back of this property, with full re batten and new roof tiles.

Nice new free standing patio with cedar ling, feature Jarrah deck sunken inside washed aggregate concrete.

Rambler On Swan

This job had its challenges with all the fire rating recalculations on this specific restaurant, and all the acoustics work that went into the ceiling and bulkhead, to creative separate function rooms from the restaurant as well as a stunning boardroom.

The attention to detail in the bar with from Jarrah floor stain black with the strip of Tasmanian Oak flooring running through, matching up with the oak fins running up the custom made bar, lining up with the feature oak hanging from the ceiling.

Custom Tasmanian Oak feature screens with glass art panels looking amazing.

South Perth

Bringing this Tudor style house back to life, by replacing all timber battens with new Lsop painted and sealed both sides. Had its challenges with tight access and hard to reach spots but managed to save the client money by use an Elevtaed Work Platform instead of scaffolding.  Ready to take on the next 100 years.


Nice Jarrah deck to finish off around the this patio and pool area.


One of our largest commercial contracts, consisting of 1 cafe, 6 shops, and a 1000m2 two-story childcare.

This job had all your standard commercial aspects of:

  • Steel framing & suspend ceiling
  • Suspended grid ceiling
  • Externals wall cladding/ lining
  • Plaster boarding walls & ceiling
  • Flushing & sanding ready for paint
  • Fitting door frames, doors & hardware
  • Fitting off disabled & bathroom accessories
  • Fitting cabinetry